Spearheaded by Bow Valley College, Startup Saturday is a series of free 4-hour workshops designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs turn their ideas into businesses, build powerful networks,  share ideas, develop resources, identify best practices, guide aspiring Entrepreneurs to Ideate, and become a first-time Entrepreneur.

These first-time Entrepreneurs then expand the Entrepreneurial capacity of Calgary and surrounding area by becoming role models, advisors, mentors, and angel investors.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs, are welcome to register their business idea.

Registering allows you to  quickly build an initial website so people can easily find you, gives you instant access to all the resources that have been created for Startup Saturday (without having to complete any additional forms), adds you to a growing directory of startups, and allows us to look for opportunities to promote your business idea.


If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach the organizer of Startup Saturday (Craig Elias) by cell phone (North America: +1.866.744.7904 | International: +1.403.874.2998), email ([email protected]), or completing the contact form below.

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